ANTH 5210F –Special Topics in Indigenous Studies: Decolonizing the Anthropocene

speculative fish-ctions (Dr. Zoe Todd)

I’m teaching a fall term graduate seminar on ‘Decolonizing the Anthropocene’. The Anthropocene Working Group (AWG) will be determining the terms and conditions (including determining the start date) of the Anthropocene this year. The term has become what anthropologist Beth Reddy calls a ‘charismatic mega-category’, which sweeps up within it diverse and dynamic discourses on human-environmental relations, socio-political orders, economics, ecology, post-humanism, decolonization, anti-colonization, white supremacy, imperialism, science, geology, philosophy and a host of other nodes of thought and action.

The goal of this course is to explore the scientific narratives of the Anthropocene, as framed by organizations such as the AWG, and encourage students to apply critical thinking skills in analyzing the context through which the Anthropocene is being constructed across continents and institutions. The course will encourage students to apply the skills and knowledge from their diverse disciplinary backgrounds to challenge popular understandings of this phenomenon…

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